As a user I have noticed these things happening when using the new business texting:
Attachments we receive via text are not transferring over to AMS as attachments but links. We would prefer that they are attached as files.
The Activity in AMS only provides a word description and link to take us back to the message thread in AR/Fuse in order to view the attachments/images.
When messages are saved/uploaded into AMS—do they not save with all the original content, material and attachments? That would be an area of concern for us to not have attachments preserved in our clients Activity Logs.
The link that was provided in order to view the full message was directly attached to our Dashboard/Account in Agency Revolution. Will those links always be “live”? Let’s say in a few years (hypothetically speaking here) – we choose to go to a different marketing service and discontinue our account with Agency Revolution. Will we no longer be able to access these full messages and all their attachments and documents?
Created by Jenn Voisin
January 23, 2023