Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


You now have the power to change the contact that a conversation is associated with so you can make sure that archives are saved to the appropriate contact record:
Click below to learn more about this powerful new functionality:
We've updated the BCC email format to hide the "VIEW" button - which brings a user to the Account View in Fuse - if the user doesn't have access to Fuse.
And the button is now in our awesome AR Orange color!
We now support uploading servicing roles by policy and filtering on these fields in Fuse.
This new option makes it easy to create an audience that targets specific servicing roles.
We're working on extending this support to our Epic BDE integration and support sending emails from these Policy Specific servicing roles.
Q1 email messages
have been added to the following Custom and Quick Start Campaigns:We also have new
email templates
We've added more detail to your conversations to give you more information about the contacts with whom your conversations are associated:
We've also given you visibility into the users who are "assigned" to each conversation, so you can "unsubscribe" to a conversation:
Fuse now supports the ability to create custom pipelines. The process you would run for a new lead is different than what you would do for a late payment, a claim or an book roll.
Now with Fuse, you can create a Pipeline for each of these scenarios and integrate it into your automation.
For more information, please reference this article:
Custom Campaigns
Message Template:
Web Chat is now
and available to all users with Business Texting!
With web chat, agencies can easily customize their chat widget, embed it on their website, and start conversations with website visitors. Those conversations start on your website and continue entirely via text, making it easy for you to follow up with prospects at your own pace. Don't worry about missing out on a chance to connect with someone after they leave your site!
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Message Template:
We’ve recently added support for Filtering Policies in the Policies Email Component! Clients can finally filter the policies in this section to match the targeted segment or email.
When creating an email, add the policy component as usual and click inside the policy component within the email editor. You can now select to show all active policies, filter by category, or filter by policy type. There is also a fallback for any client who might receive an email with no active policies.
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